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U.K. Developer Of Tracking Devices Saves $10,000 On Video Production With GoAnimate

Peter Thompson heads Custodia Systems, a company in Milton Keynes, U.K., that creates devices to locate stolen vehicles. That’s a simple enough business to understand. Most consumers would express familiarity with the concept. But Thompson’s company has a product with a key point of differentiation. Most vehicle tracking companies use GPS signals; Thompson’s AppelloGEO device uses radio signals. Unlike GPS, these radio signals can penetrate into garages, shipping containers or other covered areas to locate stolen vehicles. His company maintains its own team of investigators—comprised mostly of former police officers—who round up the missing cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles, along with the thieves who took them.

The Challenge: Explaining product differences

The AppelloGEO service is unique, and for Thompson it presents a unique issue. “Every sale for us involves education,” he says. “Half my time at sales meetings is spent telling people why they shouldn’t buy what they want to buy (GPS systems). People think using AppelloGEO is like using smartphone tracking, but thieves can bypass GPS. My biggest hurdle is explaining why our system works where others fail. It’s very difficult to explain in writing without turning off the audience.”

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GoAnimate Attracts Contributors For Nikola Tesla Statue

Northern Imagination LLC was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Dorrian Porter as an incubator for creative projects, ideas and inventions. The company’s goal is to advance new ideas in any area that can impact the wellbeing and happiness of people, especially involving film or photography and ideally related to education and poverty. As one of his first projects, Porter sought to advance the recognition of a masterful scientist who often has been overlooked in the story of America’s technology development.

Porter established a fundraising campaign, using the Kickstarter crowd-funding site, to build a statue of Nikola Tesla and place it in front of a building in Palo Alto, Calif. The statue would host a free Wi-Fi hotspot and a time capsule to be opened in 2043.

Porter felt that Tesla was an under-recognized inventor who, he explains, “was instrumental to our mainstay system of alternating current electricity transfer and made hundreds of significant and groundbreaking inventions in areas of wireless energy, wireless communication, magnetism, radio, X-rays, cosmic rays, radar, robotics, engine-powered aircraft and much more.”

The Challenge: Raising Awareness

To craft the statue and install it would require a budget of at least $123,000. To obtain the funding, it was critical that potential donors in the Silicon Valley become aware of the project and of Tesla’s contributions. “In promoting the Kickstarter campaign, telling a story is important to getting people to understand what you’re doing,” Porter says. “I was looking for additional ways to create awareness and conceived of the idea of creating an animated story in which Tesla would pitch his inventions to modern-day VCs.”

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Marketing Agency Increases Leads 40% with GoAnimate Video

Greystack Digital Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that helps its clients throughout Greater New York’s Hudson Valley connect and interact with their customers and prospects online. The firm designs and develops websites, creates digital content, enables clients to engage in email and newsletter marketing, develops mobile applications and offers many other digital services. Founded by technology industry veteran Jamie Troia in 2008, Greystack often recommends that clients include videos on their homepages.

“It used to be that a well-designed website was good enough for credibility,” Troia says, “but now, having video on the site is one of the trust markers that people look for to lend credibility to a business. A good mix of text and graphics will help a site show up higher in search results, and video helps it rank even higher. It makes a lot of sense to use these types of tools.”

The Challenge: An Easy, Affordable Video Platform

Troia was determined to find an easy-to-use method of creating videos for Greystack’s own site as well as the websites of its clients. He has had some experience with vendors who produce videos, but those productions were too expensive for his small business. So he shifted to finding tools that would allow his team to create their own videos.

He researched a number of tools and was particularly interested in GoAnimate. “When I started searching online for video platforms, GoAnimate was in the sweet spot of what we wanted to do and wanted to pay,” Troia says.

“Visits to multiple pages on our site are up 200 percent since implementing our GoAnimate video, and visitor time on our site is up about 400 percent.” – Jamie Troia, Greystack Marketing

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CRM Consulting Firm Engages Prospective Clients With GoAnimate Video

In marketing his Lexnet Consulting Group, based in San Rafael, Calif., Steve Chipman developed an innovative way to attract leads. Lexnet implements customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies, but in his consulting engagements, Chipman discovered that the process of choosing and buying a CRM solution was an intimidating one for his clients. Delays and hesitations on the part of the buyer sometimes dragged the entire selection and purchasing process out for years. So he established CRM Switch, a website that offers help to these buyers with a seven-step process that ensures they are selecting the right software for the right set of reasons and that they move through the process efficiently.

The Challenge: Finding the Right Video Tools

Chipman was looking for ways to clearly explain the services his firm provides to businesses looking to acquire or switch CRM systems and determined that a video would be the most engaging way to present his value proposition.

“Normally we can’t convey the value of outsourcing the CRM selection process in a conversation without catching the client off-guard,” Chipman says. “An online video would be a great way to educate people on the value of our process before we talk with them.”

But the video production process could be as frustrating as the issue the video was meant to address.

“Tools like Camtasia didn’t give me enough animation opportunities, and a solution like Adobe After Effects would have been far too complicated, requiring me to outsource the production at great expense,” Chipman explains. “I needed a good solution between these two extremes.”

“Someone from the industry told me he saw our video and said, ‘Wow, that’s great! We need to do something just like it.” – Steve Chipman, Lexnet Consulting Group 

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Startup eCommerce Site Finds Flexible, Affordable Video Platform In GoAnimate, based in Hong Kong, is a website designed to help providers of socially responsible and creative products sell their offerings online. The site promotes products in three categories: 

• Listings that display a “heart” icon indicate products that improve lives through social good.
• A “green leaf” icon designates innovative products that are environmentally responsible.
• A “light bulb” icon denotes a product designed with exceptional creativity and imagination. (whose name is a combination of “pretty hot and tempting” and the concept of rice as a staple for Asian society) intends to gather these products from entrepreneurs all over the world, with an initial focus on offerings from Asia and sales to the Asian marketplace.

The Challenge: A flexible and affordable video platform serves customers from many languages and cultures. To explain’s service, according to CEO Matt Davies, “we needed a solution to create an icebreaker video and multiple other videos for our website that could easily be converted to many other languages if necessary. We wanted it to be animated and cute and to project our image as a unique small business.” was a startup with a tight budget; it therefore needed to get its message into the marketplace in a cost-effective and timely manner without diverting manpower from raising capital.

“GoAnimate offered the best solution for us as a startup business to tell our story in detail and capture people’s attention. It made it really easy for us.” – Matt Davies,

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Bond Agency Boosts Website Engagement with 22 GoAnimate Videos

JW Surety Bonds is America’s top surety bond provider and one of a very few that can approve bonds instantly online, using proprietary software. The bond agency normally ships bonds with 24 hours of payment, and its large bond volume allows it to negotiate the lowest rates with the top carriers in the country.

The Challenge: Making a Dry Subject Engaging

The surety bond industry overall is lagging in the use of technology, but JW has embraced the Internet to grow over a 10 year span, from a two-person operation to an agency that writes bonds nationwide. Still, the surety bond business is not one that normally excites the organizations and businesses that are required by various entities such as government departments to take out bonds to protect the public. When JW revamped its website to create an easy-to-use, graphically interesting online presence, it sought a way to keep visitors to the site engaged with the company.

“Most video creation services were surprisingly expensive and they didn’t seem to offer a good return on investment. GoAnimate is a reasonably priced method, and it’s very worthwhile.” – Eric Weisbrot, JW Surety Bonds

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Entrepreneur Creates Smartphone-Based Mobile Tours Using GoAnimate Videos

Vincent Messina, CEO and founder of Otimo Sales and Marketing, helps small organizations manage their marketing needs by counseling them on all the options available to them, from software to multimedia resources. Through his work as a mobile marketing agency, he had an opportunity to create a mobile walking tour for Healthy Futures Greater Milford, a nonprofit group in Massachusetts. Healthy Futures Greater Milford is focused on the promotion of healthy living through diet and exercise. As a result of his work for this one nonprofit, his new venture,, an SMS Software company, was born.

The Challenge: People and Backgrounds

Messina was originally asked to create a QR Code that would link to a mobile map PDF. Messina says, “But I didn’t like the idea of using a stand-alone QR code or a PDF map on mobile devices.” “I decided to go a step further and create a walking tour with map images, photos and video of a small Massachusetts town”.

Animated videos seemed to be a logical fit. Through his work with his sales and marketing company, Messina had discovered the power of using video marketing to tell stories using animation services. “Someone had introduced me to an animation service, but the service didn’t have real people as characters.” That is when a Google search for alternatives led him to GoAnimate.

“People were attracted to the animation, because it was both entertaining and educational. If it weren’t for the GoAnimate video, my company wouldn’t exist.” – Vincent Messina, Otimo Sales and Marketing

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E2B Teknologies Promotes CRM Solution With GoAnimate YouTube Video

E2b Teknologies, based in Chardon, Ohio, is a software publisher and reseller that provides solutions to distribution, manufacturing, service, and other businesses. The company develops e2b Anytime apps, specialized applications for accounting, e-commerce, supply chain management and other purposes. It is also a reseller of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software from Sage, Epicor, Intacct, Sugar CRM and other publishers. The company’s calibration business provides an ISO-accredited calibration and repair service for calibration, test and measurement instruments.

To extend its marketing efforts, e2b Teknologies implemented an inbound-marketing initiative. “We no longer do any cold calling,” according to the company’s marketing communications coordinator, Jeanne Lee. “Our focus is now on blogs and search-engine optimization. Video plays a huge role in SEO and software is not the most exciting industry. So we wanted to have some fun with video in our marketing program.”

The Challenge: Addressing Business Frustrations through Video

E2b Teknologies had recently implemented a new CRM system internally and understood the many challenges that businesses may experience during the process. “With our old CRM system, we were experiencing the frustrations that everyone has in their business with CRM; for instance, when it takes forever to load or when it is difficult to quickly find information,” Lee says. She took up that theme as the topic for a video that promoted the Sugar CRM solution.

“It took me only a couple hours to create the video. It was an inexpensive and easy project; and we can pump out more videos as we need them.” – Jeanne Lee, E2B Teknologies

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Cause-Related Dating Site Uses GoAnimate Video To Tell Its Story

Your Cause or Mine is an innovative cause-related dating site and social space developed by Dr. Teisha Roby, a professor at California Polytechnic State University in Pomona. The site matches people based on their locations, their preferences and their common interests in any of a number of causes. Your Cause or Mine not only matches the couple but also suggests a cause-related volunteer event they might attend together on their first date, such as an opportunity to read to children as part of a literacy program.

The Challenge: Telling a Succinct Story

Roby was faced with the task of describing the site’s concept to potential members in a way that explained who was behind the site and how it works, all in a very short period of time. “I wanted people to understand quickly,” Roby says, “to tell the story succinctly and be interesting.  I needed a product to share over multiple social media platforms, so I decided to create a video.”

“We’ve received a great amount of favorable feedback on how light and upbeat the GoAnimate approach is, and it makes our business concept more interesting.” Dr. Teshia Roby, PhD, 

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