CRM Consulting Firm Engages Prospective Clients With GoAnimate Video

In marketing his Lexnet Consulting Group, based in San Rafael, Calif., Steve Chipman developed an innovative way to attract leads. Lexnet implements customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies, but in his consulting engagements, Chipman discovered that the process of choosing and buying a CRM solution was an intimidating one for his clients. Delays and hesitations on the part of the buyer sometimes dragged the entire selection and purchasing process out for years. So he established CRM Switch, a website that offers help to these buyers with a seven-step process that ensures they are selecting the right software for the right set of reasons and that they move through the process efficiently.

The Challenge: Finding the Right Video Tools

Chipman was looking for ways to clearly explain the services his firm provides to businesses looking to acquire or switch CRM systems and determined that a video would be the most engaging way to present his value proposition.

“Normally we can’t convey the value of outsourcing the CRM selection process in a conversation without catching the client off-guard,” Chipman says. “An online video would be a great way to educate people on the value of our process before we talk with them.”

But the video production process could be as frustrating as the issue the video was meant to address.

“Tools like Camtasia didn’t give me enough animation opportunities, and a solution like Adobe After Effects would have been far too complicated, requiring me to outsource the production at great expense,” Chipman explains. “I needed a good solution between these two extremes.”

“Someone from the industry told me he saw our video and said, ‘Wow, that’s great! We need to do something just like it.” – Steve Chipman, Lexnet Consulting Group 

View the full case study here.

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