GoAnimate Corporate Fact Sheet

GoAnimate is a leading do-it-yourself animated video creation platform, enabling users to quickly and easily produce a wide-range of high-quality videos – from scratch – using drag and drop tools.

Headquarters San Mateo, California
Founded August, 2007
Employees Approximately 20 employees
Senior Executives Alvin Hung, CEO
Gary Lipkowitz, COO
Office Locations Americas: California
APAC: Hong Kong


GoAnimate’s foundation in 2007 by CEO Alvin Hung was the confluence of a husband’s desire to create a video apology for his wife, and the business opportunity that resides in the lack of a simple-to-use animated video production tool. As a serial entrepreneur, Alvin recognized this gap as a large and growing problem that required swift action. Since its inception, the GoAnimate community has expanded its service to more than five million registered users worldwide.

GoAnimate Facts at a Glance

    • More than five million registered users world wide
      • User base growth of 150k per month
    • More than 10 million videos created using GoAnimate
    • Approximately 30k videos are generated weekly


GoAnimate divides its tools into two parts – Quick and Full Video Makers. Quick Video Makers are template-based solutions that enable video creation in minutes. Full Video Makers provide full creative control over characters, backgrounds, props, music, sound effects and scene transitions.

Asset libraries contain everything needed to create a video including thousands of characters, backgrounds and props, as well as the ability to import external elements, like files, images, photos or video clips. Finished videos can be downloaded as mp4 files in HD or Full HD resolution, or directly published to a number of our partners, like YouTube.

GoAnimate for Business

The commercial form of the GoAnimate platform is used to create professional quality videos quickly and easily at competitive prices for marketing, explainer, social media, training videos and more. Quick Video Makers are structured solutions requiring no learning curve, whereas Full Video Makers enable greater creative flexibility. Users control the camera, move characters, add music and effects, etc. Characters can lip-sync their dialogue automatically.  Businesses can publish, share and export with the appropriate commercial rights.

GoAnimate for Schools

GoAnimate for Schools is the educational version of GoAnimate.  It has built-in privacy, security, content moderation and group management features. These features protect the students’ personally identifiable information (PII) and shield students from inappropriate content.

Teachers produce videos to introduce lesson topics and/or take advantage of new teaching methods such as the “flipped classroom.”  They also assign students video projects, finding that these fun projects engage higher-order learning skills, such as creativity and critical thinking.

Videos are used for all subjects, including history, languages and math.  They are also used for social skills training, including anti-bullying.  Many teachers have reported increased engagement when using videos to work with students with autism.

GoAnimate for Consumer: GoPlus and Basic

GoPlus – GoPlus is a subscription plan starting at $18 per quarter. GoPlus benefits include extended lines of dialogue within the Quick Video Maker. Full Video Maker videos do not have a restriction on length. Character Creator use is greatly expanded, as is access to more Video Makers and Action Packs. Subscribers can import audio, image or flash files into the system, and download videos as mp4 files with 720p (HDTV quality) resolution, or export to YouTube.

Basic – Basic accounts are free, but restricted in functionality. Quick Video Maker videos are restricted to 10 lines of dialogue in length, and Full Video Maker videos are restricted to two minutes. Character Creator use is limited and many Video Makers and Action Packs are not available to Basic users. Basic users can import audio files; but can’t import image or flash files, download to mp4 or directly export to YouTube.

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