Bond Agency Boosts Website Engagement with 22 GoAnimate Videos

JW Surety Bonds is America’s top surety bond provider and one of a very few that can approve bonds instantly online, using proprietary software. The bond agency normally ships bonds with 24 hours of payment, and its large bond volume allows it to negotiate the lowest rates with the top carriers in the country.

The Challenge: Making a Dry Subject Engaging

The surety bond industry overall is lagging in the use of technology, but JW has embraced the Internet to grow over a 10 year span, from a two-person operation to an agency that writes bonds nationwide. Still, the surety bond business is not one that normally excites the organizations and businesses that are required by various entities such as government departments to take out bonds to protect the public. When JW revamped its website to create an easy-to-use, graphically interesting online presence, it sought a way to keep visitors to the site engaged with the company.

“Most video creation services were surprisingly expensive and they didn’t seem to offer a good return on investment. GoAnimate is a reasonably priced method, and it’s very worthwhile.” – Eric Weisbrot, JW Surety Bonds

View the full case study here.

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