E2B Teknologies Promotes CRM Solution With GoAnimate YouTube Video

E2b Teknologies, based in Chardon, Ohio, is a software publisher and reseller that provides solutions to distribution, manufacturing, service, and other businesses. The company develops e2b Anytime apps, specialized applications for accounting, e-commerce, supply chain management and other purposes. It is also a reseller of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software from Sage, Epicor, Intacct, Sugar CRM and other publishers. The company’s calibration business provides an ISO-accredited calibration and repair service for calibration, test and measurement instruments.

To extend its marketing efforts, e2b Teknologies implemented an inbound-marketing initiative. “We no longer do any cold calling,” according to the company’s marketing communications coordinator, Jeanne Lee. “Our focus is now on blogs and search-engine optimization. Video plays a huge role in SEO and software is not the most exciting industry. So we wanted to have some fun with video in our marketing program.”

The Challenge: Addressing Business Frustrations through Video

E2b Teknologies had recently implemented a new CRM system internally and understood the many challenges that businesses may experience during the process. “With our old CRM system, we were experiencing the frustrations that everyone has in their business with CRM; for instance, when it takes forever to load or when it is difficult to quickly find information,” Lee says. She took up that theme as the topic for a video that promoted the Sugar CRM solution.

“It took me only a couple hours to create the video. It was an inexpensive and easy project; and we can pump out more videos as we need them.” – Jeanne Lee, E2B Teknologies

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