Cause-Related Dating Site Uses GoAnimate Video To Tell Its Story

Your Cause or Mine is an innovative cause-related dating site and social space developed by Dr. Teisha Roby, a professor at California Polytechnic State University in Pomona. The site matches people based on their locations, their preferences and their common interests in any of a number of causes. Your Cause or Mine not only matches the couple but also suggests a cause-related volunteer event they might attend together on their first date, such as an opportunity to read to children as part of a literacy program.

The Challenge: Telling a Succinct Story

Roby was faced with the task of describing the site’s concept to potential members in a way that explained who was behind the site and how it works, all in a very short period of time. “I wanted people to understand quickly,” Roby says, “to tell the story succinctly and be interesting.  I needed a product to share over multiple social media platforms, so I decided to create a video.”

“We’ve received a great amount of favorable feedback on how light and upbeat the GoAnimate approach is, and it makes our business concept more interesting.” Dr. Teshia Roby, PhD, 

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