500-Word Description

Let’s face it – ever since we started watching Saturday morning cartoons as kids, we’ve wanted to create our own animations. You too? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Unfortunately, at some point we all learned that you actually needed to know how to draw or have some sort of artistic ability in order to create your own animations. Just like that, dreams squashed. Bummer, right?


At Go!Animate, we just couldn’t accept that in this world of automation and Web-enabled technologies, someone hadn’t found a way for us to create our own animations without any professional background required. So we gathered a bunch of smart folks together – people with backgrounds in everything from animation and programming to entertainment, licensing, marketing and Web solutions – and decided to figure this out so that you wouldn’t have to.

As a result, Go!Animate.com was born. Go!Animate.com is a Web site that enables anyone – and we mean – anyone – to create their own animated stories, all with just a few clicks of a mouse. No artistic ability required. No complex computer skills required. Just go to Go!Animate.com, start clicking, and pretty soon you’ll have your very own creation that’s ready to share with the world.

What we’ve done is develop an advanced computer animation platform that automates all the most difficult parts of creating an animation. Once you select the characters you want to work with, Go!Animate enables you to easily bring them to life with a myriad of automated actions, while also letting you add you own recorded dialogue or music for a truly personalized animated adventure.

Of course, in order to get started, there needs to be a good selection of existing animated characters for you to work with. Going beyond the technical, we work with production companies to constantly license new characters for you to work with. As a result, the site provides users with a library of characters, backgrounds, props, sound effects and music for use in creating their own unique animations. Creators can then customize their animations with a number of tools and features that allow them to create truly unique works of expression.

Of course, once you’ve created your animations, it’s natural to want to share them with the world. That’s why we’ve built in the capability for users to instantly share their animations via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg and other popular social channels directly from the site.

In addition to the classic cartoons and other animated characters that Go!Animate has license agreements with, major brands such as Street Fighter and even the hip-hop artist Akon utilize Go!Animate’s platform as well. As it turns out, Go!Animate isn’t just fun for our users ; it’s also fun for the brands that license their content to us. These companies have discovered that Go!Animate gives their customers and fans a whole new way to interact with their brands, opening up a world of possibilities for fun new promotions.

Go!Animate has offices in the Bay Area and Hong Kong.